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Clariti® 1-Day

  • CooperVision clariti® 1 day is the world’s first and only family...

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Clariti® 1-Day

  • CooperVision clariti® 1 day is the world’s first and only family of silicone hydrogel, daily disposable contact lenses. Silicone hydrogel lenses are a healthier alternative to hydrogel daily disposables. That’s because they allow 3x more oxygen to pass through to your corneas than hydrogel lenses.

  • Silicone hydrogel creates a highly “breathable” lens that promotes whiter, brighter eyes and helps keep your eyes healthy.

  • All clariti® 1 day lenses feature high water content. A key feature for comfort. WetLoc™ technology makes it possible. The WetLoc™ process creates a lens that naturally attracts and binds water molecules to the lens surface, so your eyes can stay moist and comfortable throughout your day.

  • Why pay for the older hydrogel lenses when now you can enjoy the benefits of silicon hydrogel lenses with the price of hydrogel lenses with clariti® 1 day lenses. 

Brand: CooperVision

Material: somofilcon A

Diameter/ Base Curve: 14.1/ 8.6

Frequency: Daily wear

Lenses in box: 30

Water Content: 56%

Colour: Transparent

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How soon can I receive my delivery?
Delivery of contact lenses upon confirming of a valid prescription will usually takes 5 working days* on average. Should there be any delays, you will be promptly notified beforehand and informed once ready.
*some multi-focal, astigmatism or plus power lenses will take slightly more days. Due to COVID19, lenses that are out of stock will take slightly more days to be delivered too.

What is the delivery charge?
Delivery will be free if purchase of 6 boxes are made in Singapore only. Otherwise, it will be $30 for delivery.

Please double confirm your prescription with your prescription form. If you are unsure, please contact your local optometrist or email us for more details.

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